Variety Box GF Large – Shipped (Free Shipping)


Variety box shipped via FedEx includes:

1 package of carrot cupcakes GF

1 package of chocolate/vanilla cupcakes GF/DF/V

1 package of remember this cupcakes GF

1 package of vanilla/chocolate cupcakes GF/DF

1 package of vanilla/vanilla cupcakes GF/DF

1 package of banana chocolate chip muffins GF/DF/V

1 package of blueberry muffins GF

1 package of chocolate chip muffins GF

1 package of coffee crumb cake GF

1 package of lemon bars GF

1 package of raspberry bars GF/DF/V

1 package of blondies GF/DF/V

1 package of brownies GF/DF

1 package of butter cookies GF

1 package of chocolate chip cookies GF

1 package of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies GF/DF/V

1 package of sugar cookies GF/DF/V

1 package of linzer cookies GF

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