Two Fields Bakeshop is a destination where the worlds of allergy-friendly and gluten-free baked goods intersect to create an experience that satisfies even the most discerning customer.

For owner Nick Nikolopoulos, who is a second generation French trained pastry chef, having a dedicated safe kitchen for people with celiac disease and allergies has become his personal mission. His own sons and nephew have severe life-threatening allergies to gluten, nuts, and dairy. Constantly worrying about what, where and how they are being fed made Nick transition his focus into the celiac and allergy friendly space. Nick and his family also own and operate the popular Bay Ridge Bakery in Brooklyn, NY since 1972 where he has learned the mastery of baking and pastry arts. He has traveled all over the world and the US and knows firsthand the difficulties that millions of people with food related health issues face daily. He has committed his career to making all people who suffer from celiac disease or food allergies feel safe, feel acknowledged, and feel normal without becoming the topic of conversation at the dinner table while being proud of finally sharing their baked goods. “I never sacrifice quality or taste to just sell a label and make an extra buck”, Nick says referring to the many products in the market that try to be everything to everyone. “For me, it is about a mission to bring products to the industry that have not been done before, to push the limits to what we can do without using ingredients that affect people’s health and lifestyles, while helping to create a foundation of which the future of the food industry will build on”.

Our baked goods and popular bread line can be found in many establishments throughout the tri-state area. Most of our products are prepackaged, labeled and frozen to maintain the integrity and quality without the use of added sugars and other preservatives. We are a high volume, zero waste bakery which allows our customers to have the freshest products while offering our consumers reasonable prices.

Our rigorous allergy-safe protocols have been trusted by families for over 7 years. Two Fields products ship nationally and are available at our bakery in Berkeley Heights, NJ and select supermarkets and other food establishments in the northeast. Our certified gluten free facility is completely peanut, tree nut, and sesame free. We also specialize in milk free (dairy free) and egg free (vegan) products which are made completely isolated and displayed in their own section.

I bought 2 nut-free, dairy-free cakes for my mother’s 89th birthday. She can’t eat dairy plus my son can’t eat nuts. The cakes were beautiful and absolutely delicious! I am so happy to have discovered this gem so close to home. THANK YOU!!!

Gillette, NJ

I used to make my own pizza crust but after trying theirs, I no longer have to. It’s the best GF pizza we’ve ever had!

Warren, NJ