Knowing that your breads and pastries come from a dedicated and certified gluten-free and allergy safe kitchen, puts everyone’s mind at ease, especially your customer’s.

We supply restaurants, diners, schools, supermarkets, delis, and everything in between.

We, at Two Fields Bakeshop, take great pride in seeing our products in some of the finest restaurants, diners, delis, and catering halls around the NY and NJ areas. If you want to increase your sales by offering your guests and customers high quality products that are safe of gluten and other allergens, we are here for you. We also offer training and help with setting up your menu and space to incorporate a gluten free/ allergy friendly space if needed.

We deliver direct to you using our own trucks with very nominal minimums or you can arrange for pick up in our NJ or Brooklyn locations. We are always looking to partner up with distributors as well. We know that once your customers try our product, they will immediately know the difference between our products and the mass produced commercial products out there.

For wholesale pricing, contact us at 908-647-7337 or email at info@twofieldsbakeshop.com.


GF=Gluten Free | DF=Dairy Free | SF= Soy Free | V=Vegan


  • Baguette – GF, DF, SF, V
  • Bread Chips – GF, DF, SF, V
  • Bread Crumbs – GF, DF, SF, V
  • Burger Buns – GF, DF, SF, V
  • Dinner Rolls – GF, DF, SF, V
  • English Muffins – GF, SF
  • Subrolls – GF, DF, SF, V


  • Brownies – GF, DF, SF
  • Butter Cookies – GF
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies– GF, SF
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chips – GF, DF, SF, V
  • Raspberry Bars – GF, DF, SF, V
  • Wedding Cookies – GF, SF


  • Carrot – GF, SF
  • Red Velvet – GF, SF
  • Chocolate with vanilla icing – GF, DF, SF, V
  • Chocolate with chocolate icing – GF, DF, SF, V
  • Vanilla with chocolate icing – GF, DF, SF
  • Vanilla with vanilla icing – GF, DF, SF


  • Banana Chocolate Chip – GF, DF, SF, V
  • Blueberry – GF, SF
  • Chocolate Chip – GF, SF
  • Crumb Coffee Cake – GF, SF


  • 9″ Pizza – GF, SF
  • 9″ Pizza Crust – GF, SF